Sat Jul 23 2011

Another image I've created for Car Cast that was meant to be the start up splash screen. The cheekiest thing I've done to date. It ended up in the market download section somewhere. If I can ever figure out how to get Eclipse set up properly I intend to play a bigger role in the art department of Car Cast.

Wed Jul 20 2011

Speaking of being in Android land, I'm the logo guy for the Car Cast application. I thought this was my finest creation ever but it turns out that it sure doesn't scale down well to 48px X 48px. Darned deadlines. Oh well, the Dev team liked it and I'm getting much more proficient working with SVG's. Logo's are hard.

Jul 11 2011

I've been in Android la-la land forever, starting with rooting my Nook Color and installing Gingerbread via ClockworkMod and the very excellent CyanogenMod7. The Color isn't entirely happy with an over-clocked kernel and occasionally freezes but it sure is snappy and the CM7 makes it uber-tweaky. -Couldn't be happier with it. In fact, my Netbook has collected a layer of dust although a new release of PinguyOS has come to my attention and I may give that a whirl.

Thu Oct 28 2010

Here's some not so new vaporware from Mozilla Labs that still smells fresh. I've been waiting for so long for Scotty to beam me down a Tricorder. I think I'm marooned...

Fri Aug 27 2010

I thought this discussion of the possibilities of a semantic desktop kind of kewl.

-And here on my little webby page, I've been waiting for years for the return of the center tag... The humanity!

Sun May 2 2010

I always wondered what happened to Bumptop. Google just bought the company that created it. I think their approach is very cool but claustrophobia could ensue. It should be interesting to see what Google can do with it.


Speaking as someone who can't fathom not running multiple virtual machines and desktops on my computers, there was no way an iPad would appeal to me, until I saw the iCade.

If ThinkGeek pulls this off, an iPad may be something I might buy into.

Feature request: tilt the screen back!



I've been helping my brother with his Android application to play streaming media. Aside from helping with the application's UI layout I was asked to make the launcher Icon. After seven or so revisions I came up with this.

It's not easy designing for something so small (48px x 48px). Luckily Android has some good documentation on it.


After my ancient monitor finally kicked the bit bucket I broke down and got an LCD panel, after some trepidation and research. I was wary of the color shifting and narrow viewing angles I've seen on a lot of LCD monitors.

I was unprepared for the visual feast that is the HP 2159. It has rich colors, excellent contrast and brightness (a little too much brightness, had to turn the default down). I'm sold.

The only point loss is the stand is not adjustable but luckily it's the right height for my desk. I discovered if you are running Ubuntu the panel goes into standby after a minute if no keyboard or mouse movement is detected. You can save yourself some head scratching, power management fiddling, and tech support calls by rebooting (power off) your PC with the monitor on.

What's even better is I got the gift of a HP Photosmart printer a while ago that just worked out of the box. Sweet!


I've been thinking about Pseudo-screens for a long time and am glad someone is implementing it. I want it for my Desktop tho. I'm sure most people would think it's a waste but I think it would make a desktop aquarium rock. Something like iBeer on my notebook would be pretty funny. I can imagine a whole new class of wallpapers to spruce up the eye-bling factor on the PC.


I was reviewing some of the "Best Of" tech reviews of '08 and happened upon BigDog. It's creepy, weird, and cool all at once. From the Boston Dynamics Web site:

BigDog is being developed by Boston Dynamics with the goal of creating robots that have rough-terrain mobility that can take them anywhere on Earth that people and animals can go. The program is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA).

I for one welcome our our creepy, weird, and cool robotic overloards.