Wed Jul 13 2011

I stumbled apon this beauty the other day and just had to snap some mega-pix. A thing of beauty, I'm not going to take a pot-shot at GM other than to acknowledge I could take one but, Wow!


I grew up thinking sharks are the scally-wags of the sea, thanks to movies like Jaws. It turns out they're advanced in ways. Check out a link from the Palm Beach Post: How a Shark Attacks.

I guess I'm a generation late to be a designer baby, and maybe another or two that customizes itself but I want to read your electromagnetic field too...


Kewl, I just added a comment system to my site with JavaScript. Now I guess we're at Web 2.0. Style is seperated from content (pretty much, still have to look into where the line is drawn by having some images in the HTML). The site would validate with W3C but I've got some bleeding edge styles like rounded corners and text shadow styles that aren't supported yet. -Caaaan't wait. Last I heard CSS level 3 is 5-10 years away. The W3C sure are glacial.

Anyway, I tested my new design on IE8, Safari 4, Firefox 3, Konqueror 4, Opera 9. Should hold up for most.


Pete-Zone is my little Web Design playground, graciously hosted by my brother Bob, where I get to mess around unfettered honing my 1337 skillz.

If you came here looking for some Twilight Zone related fix I'll try not to disappoint here.

My latest design here is an (failed) experiment to try to get away from the obligatory "wrapper" div by styling the very neglected HTML tag. Seemed like a good idea, it's a valid DOM object but I lost some flexability in the process. It kind of works as there are no wrapper divs on this site but Web Kit (I think, going from memory on that) has trouble with it. Update: The weird issue is the horizontal scroll bar, even though the content has a flexable layout, on all browsers I've tested. Oh well, that's how you learn. Back to wrappers!